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iValue Solutions is honored to be one of the nominees for

2018 Home Based Business Excellence Award

from Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce.  

iValue Solutions is based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. We are a professional firm that strives for excellence and continues to provide added value to our clients. We help clients to understand their companies’ business value. Our long term goal is to help businesses to maintain and grow their value. We want to make sure the time, money, energy, and effort that business owners put into their business are reflecting on their books

We provide solutions to companies on how to manage their bottom line and what steps and processes are required to achieve their goals. We offer a complete range of Business Valuation and Transaction Advisory Services for those businesses in a state of change. Our Virtual Finance Guru creates the accountability necessary to drive better decisions from all employees, while giving business owners the ability to make the most informed decisions. As a trusted advisor, iValue Solutions assists clients in decision making, potential transactions, and strategic planning. We work with clients in any stage of completing a deal.

Business Valuation: iValue Solutions specializes in assisting clients on determining the value of their company. Our Chartered Business Valuators (CBV) provide independent business valuation services for a variety purposes, including buy and sell, succession and estate planning, financing, matrimonial settlements, and shareholder disputes. Click here for more details.

Virtual Finance Guru: iValue Solutions assists companies to set financial goals and targets for business in the next 12 to 24 months. We help clients to create a culture of accountability that will drive better decisions across the organization. Furthermore, we show a clearer picture and direction by updating monthly actual financials and providing variance analysis. This allows our clients to make the most informed decisions in the context of the entire business. Click here for more details.

Transaction Advisory: iValue Solutions has the expertise to help clients on strategic planning, assessing and analyzing potential transactions. Our services include due diligence on buy-sell transactions, business plans for start-up companies and immigration requirements, pricing strategies, deal negotiations, investment options, financial modelling, and business and financial review. Click here for more details.

Our Philosophy - Proactive, Relevant, Practical

We believe in a proactive and holistic methodology which provides significant value added to companies. Often times, companies react when things go wrong. This does not give them a lot of options to address the issues efficiently and effectively.

Each company is unique. We apply relevant information and provide practical solutions to companies. iValue Solutions is ethical and committed to our clients with high integrity towards our work. We understand how important it is to communicate complicated issues with simple terms. We are active listeners and strive to build a long-term relationship with our clients. Learn more about Our Team.

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