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Virtual Finance Guru

Our Virtual Finance Guru creates the accountability necessary to drive better decisions from all employees, while giving business owners the ability to make the most informed decisions. Financial management is a core business discipline that is both complex and time consuming. Financial planning like budgeting and rolling forecasting is frequently ignored until it is too late. Many small and medium sized companies do not have the in-house resources to properly manage their financial and cash flow needs. In fact, business owners often do not have the time to properly review their financials or to fully understand what the numbers might mean to their bottom line.

iValue Solutions has the expertise to help companies improve and manage their financial situations. We use a holistic methodology and a 3-step approach to help management to take control of their finance. The 3-step approach is an on-going process to help decision makers to keep their finances relevant, up-to-date, and realistic.  

Step 1: Help companies to set a budget for their targets and initiate discussions between departments. Review profit drivers, cost drivers, margins, capital, and other key performance drivers.

Step 2: Provide a performance review each month to address the variances on how companies are doing. Companies are able to gain better insights on their immediate future and be proactive to access their risks and opportunities.

Step 3: Provide rolling forecast that allows companies to revisit their goals and milestones each month with current data and relevant information. With the rolling forecast, companies are always looking out on a 12-month period. Companies can adapt and make changes quicker in ever changing market conditions.

With our 3-step repeating cycle of success, a company understands how it performed in the past, what it is doing in the present, and what will be planned for the future. The continuous planning enable companies to rise for any challenges and get proven results.

In addition, we use analysis tools such as analytics, graphs, charts and scorecards throughout our consulting process. With these analysis tools, business owners find it easier to understand their financial situation. We speak the same language as business owners so they get the most value from our expert advice.

iValue Solutions provides ongoing support that allows business owners to plan ahead, make better decisions, manage risks and uncertainty, and ultimately improve their company’s cash flow and overall value. Companies can be more proactive in addressing any potential shortfalls or other financial management issues.

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